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Eating differently

Learning to eat differently sometimes requires a certain initial effort, which means changing your eating habits.

The Seignalet dietmeans that the greedy and gourmets alike do not have to deprive themselves of the pleasures of eating at home or at a restaurant. Nor do they have to eat everything cold, heated food is allowed (below 110°) and, as you can see in these pages, there is a wide range of excellent foods to eat every day and many recipes for special occasions!

alimenation 5 imageWe have dealt here with 3 of the 6 basic principles of the dietary method. You will find all the details of this method in chapters 6, 7 and 32 of the book, 5th edition.

All the principles of the Seignalet diet are found in our principles section and you will find recipe books in our recipe books section.


Cooking generates a large number of complex molecules that do not exist in the natural state (such as Maillard molecules). This is why the Seignalet diet excludes all dangerous cooked foods and requires the consumption of maximum amounts of raw products. However, gentle heating below 110°C  is allowed, which means you can eat hot food and prepare soups, purées,fish and white meat, flans and even cakes using a vitaliser (soft vapor).You can also poach, cook in a bain-marie or in a very low oven.(For meringues or macaroons for example).

However, red meats should not be cooked at all, at leat, at minumum.Apart from carpaccio and steak tartare, there are also varieties of raw meats (raw ham and sausage) which lends flavour to a delicious lentil dish in a few minutes. And there is nothing to stop you combining carpaccio with a cooked vegetable!
It is equally important to consume raw virgin oils rather than refined oils.These oils are very valuable from the moment they are consumed, virgin and raw: 
Olive, nut, hazelnut, soya, rapeseed, evening primrose and borage oil for example. .

Vegetables and fruits are delicious in salads and there are hundreds of possible ways to prepare them. Some nuts, hazelnuts or sesame seeds will set them off to advantage. As the legumes, leave them to soak overnight.

You will see that there is a large variety of delicious meals that do not need cooking or need only a little cooking!


The Seignalet diet excludes all forms of mutated cereals such as wheat (breads, cakes, pastries and pizza..) maize, spelt, kamut, oats and barley and their derivatives. We can add small spelt to our list because Dr. Seignalet expressed serious doubts about this cereal. In the cereal category, only buckwheat, sesame and rice can be consumed. But quinoa or chestnut for example, which are not cereals, can be considered an interesting alternative.
Buckwheat, chickpea, rice, quinoa, chestnut flours, almond or hazelnut powder as well as potato starch can be used to advantage in baking.

Please note that Maïzena [trade name for corn starch] is not a simple starch; it contains proteins. Only la fleur de Maïs [trade name for corn flour] contains no dangerous proteins at present. 

To help yourself to bread you can make cakes with vitaliser. There are wheat-free preparations (buckwheat or chestnut pancakes) which can replace bread. The rice cakes sold commercially are allowed but not recommended because they are cooked at too high a temperature. Types of buckwheat cracker also exist which make an interesting alternative.  You can find them in a health food shop with the name "Pain de fleurs".

Feel free to prepare meals with hearty food: rice, quinoa, potato, dried vegetables (lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans...) to enjoy a delicious sauce (raw or cooked gently); or to brighten up a salad, hazelnuts, nuts or sesame seeds.
Fruits (bananas, apple slices, pineapple...) or vegetables (a layer of button mushrooms, endive leaves...) can replace conventional bread and butter or toast. 

Wheat syrup and maize flour which (officially) contain no proteins are allowed in the Seignalet diet except for people with coeliac disease.  


No dairy products!

On the Seignalet diet, you cannot drink animal milks:

Nor cow’s, sheep’s or goat‘s milk...
When leaving out dairy products, do not start binging on soya milk or yoghurts. Diversify.
There are many vegetable milks and you can make them yourself as well (almond powder, hazelnut powder, cocoa powder). It’s cheaper this way.
So try hazelnut milk with melted chocolate for children! Soya desserts are increasingly varied and each has its own particular taste. Also consider fruit preparations such as compotes.
For cooking, there are soya and rice creams to use as creamy and lightweight binders as well as many supplementary products. Do not abuse them, balance your meals. (avoid soya with boys).
Consider sesame cream as well (for humus for example) and almond cream (in lentil soup for example).
Do not eat margarine which contains abundant trans-fatty acids. Use raw oils with its various flavours and vegetable “butters” (peanut and carob). Goose fat is also allowed. Although more expensive to buy, these products are consumed in small quantities.

Some more advice!

·         Choose fresh fruit preferably organic, 

·         Always check the ingredients in the products you eat; this can surprise you sometimes!

·         Use whole sugar and a good unprocessed salt. They are easy to find in the shops, nourishing and tasty.

·         There is no problem freezing food and it's recommanded by the FDA for raw food.

·         All alcohols are allowed in principle apart from beer that is made from a cereal. Choose non-cooked alcohols (as wine) and of course drink them in moderation. 

·         Hot drinks, tea and coffee in modest amounts, as well as chicory, herbal teas and chocolate. 

·         If you are in doubt, refer to the bookbecause it contains all the information you need. Chapters 6-7 and 32 in the 5th edition. 

The Seignalet diet differs from the gluten-free diet proposed for coeliac patients:

·       Certain gluten-free cereals such as millet are mutated and thus not allowed on the Seignalet diet.


·      In addition, animal milks and their derivatives and dangerous cooked foods are excluded from the Seignalet diet but not from a gluten-free diet. 


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