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The association

The aim of our association is to defend and spread awareness of the theories of Dr. Jean Seignalet and to inform and assist people interested in this diet. Please feel free to ask for our advice.

Who are we? Close friends and family of Dr. Seignalet who have decided to create an official reference site to give safe and reliable information in response to requests from enquirers surfing the web.

All our information is based on the book and on the archives and more particularly on the experience of those who have been familiar with the theories and practice of the Seignalet diet for years.

To supply the sections for the site we took advice from:

·          Doctors and scientists convinced of the value of the Seignalet diet who have been interested in it for years.

·         Patients who have been cured and who want to tell other patients and share their experience.

Our particular thanks go to Professor Joyeux and Dr. Lagarde for their commitment. We have always valued their help and informed advice.

With this site, we hope to be useful in our turn. If you have any comments in connection with the content of this site, please email Anne, at the association’s email address.

Interview with Dr. Dominique Seignalet

Dr. Dominique Seignalet gave an interview about the Seignalet diet on Radio Enghein, a station where Corinne Grumberg interviews many personalities about widely differing topical themes (health, ethics, ecology, animal protection, personal development, vegetarianism, agriculture, homeopathy, diet etc.). This broadcast is available at: Information can be found at the on-line store under "Diet"



The Book

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