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If the Seignalet diet is considered the benchmark healthy diet today this is because it has been shown to work in thousands of patients.  It offers a real alternative to conventional medicine, particularly in the area where the latter most frequently fails: chronic diseases.

More than 91 incurable diseases have shown a positive response to the diet (among 2500 patients). This has sometimes involved total remission of symptoms considered inevitable and irreversible hitherto. This easily verifiable therapy can treat millions of people worldwide using a simple method involving no fees, no medicines, no risks and no pollution.


The tables below summarise the results obtained for each disease in more than 2,500 patients. Today many other people follow this diet and you can see from surfing the net that many of those who have tried it are happy with it. 

Table 1 – Results of the diet in autoimmune diseases
Table 2 – Results of the diet in elimination diseases
Table 3 – Results of the diet in clogging diseases


With the required agreement of the treating physician it can often be used to achieve a more or less long-term reduction in the consumption of medicines. 


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